2013 Ullswater

This was the first time we had sailed on Ullswater since we had the Drascombe Longboat. We had mostly good weather, very enjoyable. The Cape Cutter 19 sails very well- on one day we beat a much larger boat down the lake!

Sailing on Ullswater sometimes requires care, as quite often there are blasts down from the mountain tops, down the valleys.

As a family we often combine our sailing with walking, kyaking (we usually take 3 kyaks with us on our adventures) and biking. In the past we have also camped!

I have included some pictures of our walk up “Helvellyn”. In Scotland we often sail to the start of our adventure on land.

Included are some photos of some places we visited during these holidays. As can be seen we do not sail every day!
Click on the info for a simple narrative for each photo.