Teak Deck Maintenance

Looking after teak decks is always a contentious issue.

Some recommend leaving them to go grey or maintain them with oil, to retain their look as when the teak was freshly cut and prepared.

I am one of the latter as we are quite often surrounded by grey skies- I do not want to look at grey on my boat!

Halcyon was the first Cape Cutter to have laid teak decks. This was done in October 2003- I provided Honnor Marine with the templates which I believe are in use to-day for any boat which has laid decks.

I have maintained the decks and consequently barring the odd mark are as good as when they were laid over 12 years ago.

This is not an arduous task- it takes a day to do which I generally do at the end of the season every other year, usually when it is raining outside- and its that or decorating in the house!

I lightly sand the decks with 240 grit paper, only enough to expose the grain of the wood.

Once done I clean off the wood with water to remove the dust, dry off and then re-treat.

I have experimented with a number of products but use Deks Olje D1 as my preferred product.

I rag this on in several layers, applying it before the previous dries to soak the oil into the wood. As can be seen the results are extremely effective!

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