Mast Support

2014 saw a major 10 year refit for Halcyon.

I have added a mast support to Halcyon to aid trailing and to aid the lifting of the mast.

I have seen arrangements clipped onto the transom. However as the transom is not designed as a load bearing member I decided not to do this, as there could be a chance of cracking the transom during trailing, especially if the boat is jolted when negotiating rough ground or a pot hole.

I encountered a chap a few years ago who had unfortunately done this, although not with a Cape Cutter 19.

The arrangement I designed sits in the boat and utilises an alloy step ladder and a cheap transom ladder I purchased from ebay for £20.00! I added a trailer roller to aid rolling the mast when rigging.

The whole thing sits either side of the outboard on the lockers on carpet mat squares to protect the teak deck.

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