This page details essential maintenance of the Cape Cutter 19. Although not onerous “Halcyon” is over 10 years old- she requires fettling to stay in 100% serviceable condition

Replacement of centre plate wire

If your boat is over, or approaching 8 years old, and sails in salt water you should consider replacing the centre plate wire.

An indication of potential failure is by gently running your hand along the wire.

If it is rough indicating broken wires you should consider replacing both the wire and pulley that sits on the centre plate case. This is subject to possible galvanic corrosion. The following series of photos indicate step by step how this is done. All parts are available as a kit from Honnor Marine.

Note if this wire fails you either have to be craned out or drop the centre plate from inside the boat which is not an easy option. Its a big heavy monster!