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Anglesey Saturday 29th August (Port Amlych-Holyhead)


We left Amlych at about 7:30am and set sail for the top of the Island, passing East Mouse and then Middle Mouse.

We all motor sailed double reefed as we had to arrive at Carmel Head at slack water.

After Caemys Bay conditions started to deteriorated as we headed to Carmel Head.

I decided to motor shortly after passing Wyfla nuclear power station and dropped my sails and put my spray hood up due to the large amounts of spray passing over the boat,

We both hunched behind the spray hood!

Carmel Bay was reached with breaking waves and gusts up to F7!

The Capecutter 19 took all this in its stride, at no point did Halcyon feel overwhelmed by these challenging conditions.

“Fraoch” came round flying a double reefed main.

On reflection we should have done this as the boat motion is much better under sail than motor as I have raised the boom enabling the boat to sail cleanly with spray hood up. In these conditions it is important that headway is maintained. All our sails were ready should we have had any outboard problems.

We motored into Holyhead coming in at approximately 12.00pm.

We had the rest of the day off moored in Holyhead Harbour and took part in the activities of the OGA event.

Cathy, my wife, and my daughter Marion came down with a picnic which we enjoyed in the boat.

We had a good meal in the Sailing Club with lots of reminiscences regarding our passage around Carmel Head earlier in the morning!

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