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Anglesey Monday 31st August (Holyhead-Port Dinorwic)


Three boats left Holyhead. I think that Charles and Amiee Erb in “Aurora” were planning to pull out in Holyhead anyway but had ongoing outboard problems.

We left at 4.30am in the darkness to get around South Stack for slack water. The moon was up with clear skies presenting an almost magical view of South Stack in moonlight just prior to the start of dawn.

We motored around South Stack and then put sail up shortly after.

We then sailed across Treardurr Bay, Rhoscolyn (where we encountered some minor overfalls) and then to Pilots Cove where we put down our sails to motor across Caernarfon Bar. We had had to put the motor on to get to Caernarfon Bar at high water slack.

For most of the time we were accompanied by Julian Fisher in “Salty Dog”.

We picked the buoys up for the bar shortly after 11.00am arriving back in Port Dinorwic with “Salty Dog” at around 1pm.

A truly magical voyage!

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