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2015 Circumnavigation of Anglesey


“Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success”

– Sir Ernest Shackleton’s newspaper advertisement for his 1914 expedition to Antarctica

Four Capecutter 19s headed to Anglesey this Bank Holiday with a view of circumnavigating Anglesey, with a stop at Holyhead for the Old Gaffers Holyhead Sea Festival on the Saturday/Sunday.

There are several tidal gates around Anglesey which have to be reached at the correct point of tide, these being the Swellies (the stretch of water between Anglesey and the mainland at its smallest point), Point Lynas, Carmel Head, South Stack and Caenarfon Bar.

Typically these have to be crossed round about slack water. The “Cruising Anglesey and Adjoining Waters” by Ralph Morris is an essential for this passage, available here:


The boats were:

“Halcyon”, with myself and my son Simeon
“Aurora” with Charles Erb and his daughter Aimee
“Fraoch” with Paul Roper (solo)
“Salty Dog” with Julian Fisher (solo)

Thursday 27th August

I launched into the basin at Port Dinorwic on Thursday 29th August using a tractor launch at 7pm having arrived mid afternoon. I had to wait for enough tide to enable me to do this, as the basin dries out.

Click the links below for an account of our voyage! Remember to have a look at the pickies at the end of each page!

Friday 28th August (Port Dinorwic-Port Amlych)

Saturday 29th August (Port Amlych-Holyhead)

Sunday 30th August (Holyhead)

Monday 31st August (Holyhead-Port Dinorwic)